Our cloud accounting team can assist you in many ways; we use technology to systemise processes, drive efficiency and give you better data to track performance in your business

We have a dedicated cloud team with the experience and resources to support and advise you proactively through the use of cloud accounting software, such as Xero, Sage and Quickbooks.
Have real time access to your latest financial information with cloud software; we can help the management team and look at your results throughout the year, to assist in making real time decisions rather than waiting until the financial year is over.
At FCF, we have a 3-tiered offering for our clients. The tier often depends on where you are in your business journey; moving from cloud bookkeeping and VAT returns through to preparing budgets, monthly/quarterly management accounts and looking at key performance indicators.
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Using cloud efficient software to reconcile your bank accounts, we will ensure your records are up to date. You can forget about storing paper invoices and receipts as it can all be run digitally and stored on your cloud accounting software for easy viewing.

Bookkeeping, VAT & Payroll

These consist of:

  • Digital Bookkeeping
  • Payment Runs
  • VAT Return Preparation
  • Payroll Submission
  • Bank Reconciliation

We are experts in bookkeeping, and are passionate in getting things right, so why not use us so you can focus on your business instead.

The digital bookkeeping solution

At FCF, we can modernise your bookkeeping through the use of cloud software. Invoices can be sent to us to process with the software so you can see at a glance what invoices are outstanding and pay as you see fit.

Having easy access to current management accounts is crucial in seeing how the business is doing, on a month to month or quarterly basis. Detecting variances in the results means you can make important decisions and reach your business goals quicker.

Cloud technology enables us to look at insights in a way we couldn’t before, with less input and work.

Why cloud cash flow?

Cash flows are a vital part of managing a business at all stages in a business’s life cycle. It can help you make better strategic decisions as you are getting a valuable information of where your cash is going, and where you might need to focus to improve cashflow.

You can also prepare long term cashflow forecasts, to track performance and look at investment via a loan, hiring a new staff member or buying new equipment.

We can use cloud technology to connect with your accounting data and look at these cashflows in a visual way, identifying key points in the cash flow to track.

Make the right business decisions at the right time.

Accurate and timely management accounts enable you to understand exactly how your business is performing in real-time.

Our insights model will upscale the way you look at your financial information, to guide your business throughout its journey, using our key insights.

Visual Management Accounts

Having meaningful management accounts are crucial in a business; they should track budgets you have set and be able to compare results on a monthly/quarterly basis. Bringing visuals into how you display your managements accounts makes patterns easy to detect and discuss in board meetings.

Scenario Forecasting, 3-way forecasting

We can create scenario-based forecasts and have this track to your data to review performance while pursuing your business goals.

KPI analysis

Within your management accounts, we can create a set of key performance indicators to your business; these are important metrics to follow progress month to month, and make sensible decisions to improve your business results.

Drive efficiency with cutting-edge cloud software. There are always solutions in making a business’s system more efficient; you don’t need to stick to what you have done for years just because you understand it. With cloud technology, systems have come a long way in driving automation to save valuable time. We can assist you in that journey.

We have converted many clients from desktop accounting systems like Sage 50 onto cloud accounting software such as Xero. Our experienced team will take care of the conversion and run all the checks to ensure the data is accurate.

Conversion to Cloud Accounting Software

If you are currently on desktop-based software and want to see the benefits of using cloud accounting software, we can scope, run the conversion, provide extensive training and provide hands on support throughout the transition. Xero is a good all-round package, but there are other systems we can discuss with you too.

App Recommendation

With over a thousand apps on the market, it can be difficult to decide what is best for you. We can scope your requirements and recommend a variety of solutions, whether that’s moving onto a cloud stock system or digitalising your expense function.

Systems Review

To understand what efficiencies and improvements can be made, we will review your current systems and detail how we could streamline the system, enabling you to work smarter, not harder.

Cloud Accounting Software Training

We have experience in training clients on Xero, QuickBooks Online and Sage. We can devise a training plan to suit your needs and give the right support.

“Harry is “titled” a specialist and that really is the case! He is thorough, thoughtful, calm and reassuring in every meeting. The confidence he gives us in running our business accounts is invaluable.”

Kate Orviss
Tom Henderson – Earlswood Construction

“…I have loved the integration process across to FCF and we are looking forward to working with you all in the future.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for Harry’s time and patience with bringing our accounts over to yourselves.

I can’t explain how helpful the training session was yesterday with Harry and I generally appreciate how he helps me understand more and more about how we can grow Earlswood into a self-sufficient business for years to come.

We work in a world where we only seem to complain about the service we receive but generally I have loved the integration process across to FCF and we are looking forward to working with you all in the future.

But for now big thanks for Harry and Stacey as they help has been second to none.”

Arthaus / MacKenzie Thorpe

“…knowing that I had FCF to support me, and answer any questions made all the difference.”

“I had some concerns about transferring our accounting software (for two businesses) over to Xero, knowing that I had FCF to support me, and answer any questions made all the difference.

They effectively held my hand whilst I gained a degree of competency and moving forward once a quarter they have a look over the accounts to check all is as it should be. For me this works brilliantly, I am reassured that my entries are accurate and if there are any random queries I know that they are there to help. I have now integrated our payroll into xero and an additional bonus is having immediate access to up to date reporting and balance sheets.
Couldn’t recommend FCF more.”

Solutions House UK

“The time I save is invaluable, thus having more time to work in other areas…”

“FCF have taken our company from stuck in the past to a streamlined, more organised and efficient organisation with the ability to work from anywhere with cloud technology. The time I save is invaluable, thus having more time to work in other areas in the business and focus on management information / KPI’s and our cashflow. A very good decision. Thank you”

M&S Metal Fabrications Ltd

"...FCF made us feel at ease, transferring our data"

“We have been working with FCF for many years and advised to make the switch from Sage 50 to Quickbooks Online, we had been working on Sage for many years so the feeling of changing our accounts system was daunting. FCF made us feel at ease, transferring our data from Sage to Quickbooks Online and providing training to make sure we were comfortable with using Quickbooks, the support has been hands on and personable.

FCF always remain engaged in our business, and you can feel they want you to succeed, looking at ways of making our systems better to make our management reporting more meaningful.”

Harry Cierpiol Cloud & Accounts Specialist
Stacey Selby Business Services Manager