Ford Campbell Freedman, a great place to work.
  • 25 Sep 2023

Lisa has over 20 years’ experience advising and supporting owner managed businesses at all stages of their business lifecycle, as well as leading countless audits over this time.

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Ford Campbell Freedman, a great place to work.
In today’s business landscape, our most invaluable asset lies within our team of talented individuals.
Recently, we partnered with HR consultants, Howarths HR, to conduct an employee engagement survey, and the results have exceeded our expectations. We are grateful to every member of our team for participating in this feedback process. The scores are among the highest ever seen by our consultants.


Among the results:
• 92% of our team would recommend FCF as a great place to work.
• 96% feel they can be their true selves at work.
• 92% agree the Partners value their contribution.
• 92% felt that the culture at FCF is a healthy one.


FCF A great place to work. A day at the races


These outstanding results reflect our collaborative spirit and “open door policy.” The Partners continue with their dedication to explore ways in which we can implement suggested improvements, ensuring that change is driven from the top down.


Our commitment extends to a continued partnership with Howarths HR, who provide training and ongoing support to our team. This will include sessions on topics such as Diversity and Inclusivity.

The feedback has also revealed our team want increased opportunities to connect. Our Social and Charity Committees are thriving, with a number of plans in progress, building on the success of several past events. We are also incorporating regular department meetings to the calendar, along with team breakfasts and lunches.


In addition, we are working on an internal newsletter and revamping our training programmes. These efforts are geared towards keeping our team well-informed and aligned with industry developments. There is genuine excitement from the team for the future of FCF, and the team want to actively participate in this growth.
By conducting annual Employee Engagement Surveys, this underscores our belief in providing everyone with the platform to voice their opinions and ultimately contribute to the continuous improvement of our already brilliant firm as a whole.